Truckies want end to carbon tax plan,” Trump tweeted

Truckies want end to carbon tax plan," Trump tweeted. "Trump can't win without energy policy."

He said the United States could win "bigly" with a plan that would make the coal industry "a lot more competitive."

Trump then noted the "cities are starting to wake up" to the dangers of climate change: "We're getting more power. We're growing our businesses here in California."

The president, who is facing criticism for failing to make a national infrastructure plan, said he supported the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines but that the federal government could provide more support to state and local governments.

He said that if elected, he would "like" to cancel payments to the United Nations climate agreement to fight climate change.

Trump, who won the presidency on his prnatyasastra.comomise to drain the swamp, accused the media of making a "disgusting, disgusting" deal with Democrats.

"They should get ready to get nasty, you don't want to see it," Trump said, before adding that reporters should "go back to the swamp, and all the other swamp, you know, the little cesspools."

At a news conference with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Trump said he planned to have "a phone call with President Pena Nieto about something," but would "let him know very strongly that I will not accept" a reque바카라사이트st by Mexico to pay for a wall along the southern border.

On other campaign promises, such as ending Obamacare, he said he would repeal Obamacare.

Speaking about a Muslim ban, Trump said, "One of the things I'm doing is they have the strongest Muslim ban that I've seen in my lifetime, which was not the travel ban, it was the idea of Muslims not going in this country. I'll tell you why it's not the travel ban."

Pressed on what he meant, he said, "We have a beautiful woman, she's been in this country for many years. We have a beautiful nation of immigrants."

Later, speaking to supporters in Cleveland, Ohio, who took to the streets, Trump repeated his position that the immigration ban was to "stop terrorists."

Trump also said the media was creating "this narrative that I'm going to get things done but it's not what I'm doing."

"You have the media, they're being extremely dishonest," Trump added. "It's about losing elections and the power. We're losing elections all over the place."

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