Fake priest’s family sentenced for police bashing

Fake priest's family sentenced for police bashing

The family of a Montreal priest who was beaten to death by an army medic during his funeral has appealed for help from people across Canada.

Fr. David Leduc, 59, of the church of St. Patrick's, was among four soldiers assigned by President Francois Hollande to head off the protests at the service for his late brother, Archbishop Henri.

He was killed Wednesday night after he was attacked in his suburban Montreal parish with a piece of metal called an E-hammer. The E-hammer is con우리카지노sidered an ancient tool of war in Eastern Europe.

Fr. David Leduc, a former priest of Saint-Hilaire-des-Monts, was a former soldier serving in the French Foreign Legion, but his family said he was fighting for the principles that underpinned his career and the mission he followed. He had been a priest since 1986.

The two young girls whose father's body was found at a remote lake, along with two of his sons, were the youngest. The eldest, 15, was said to have suffered from seizures, while his stepmother and brothers also died of injuries, according to the family.

Catherine Cattelan said she spoke to the famijarvees.comly's relatives on Thursday and spoke with other family members that are unable to reach them. She also met with the priest's relatives in a telephone conversation over the weekend.

"I have never felt such sorrow," the elder Leduc, 56, said. "I just wanted to have the rest of the day to rest."

But Father Cattelan said she understood that the family was in pain and that they had to speak directly with those at the church. She said she had already started contacting other families, in addition to the family of the priest.

The young girl who suffered a seizure during the attack had a heart condition but doctors were treating her condition with steroids, but her condition was not dangerous, said Sister Catherine Cattelan.

The attack was "an act of desperation," said the elder Leduc. "It is necessar더킹카지노y that we live in a world where people are able to defend themselves and that in their struggle, we can overcome the challenges they present."

The military, Cattelan said, is understaffed to cope with such a tragedy and that any further calls for extra officers would be welcome.

"It is important that the police are not out there fighting in this way. The police do not have a mandate to b

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