Football coachs sentence for abuse reduced to one month

Football coachs sentence for abuse reduced to one month

Tottenham assistant manager Roy Hodgson has been sentenced to a total of nine months' community service after being found guilty of abusing teenage players in a club shower in 2001.

Hodgson pleaded guilty to one count of common assault at the Old Bailey.

A total of five charges were added when the case was heard in the Court of Appeal in 2012.

The 26-year-old was fined £50,000 and told to pay a £10,000 victim surcharge.

He was also ordered to pay £10,000 compensation to the victims in the year 2015.

Hodgson's barrister Andrew Black told the court he had no previous convictions for sexual misconduct but that the prosecution would be a huge step if he was found guilty of a breach of trust.

He said that while he would probably be sacked, his actions were not "a deliberate abuse of position" and did not constitute an offence that had been "clearly established".


BBC sports editor Dan Roan

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The judge in the Spurs case, Lord Justice Leveson, said the case demonstrated the "perilous position" of footballers trying to be fit.

There is little doubt he was looking carefully at the effect of this sentence, which would mean Hodgson would not be allowed to take his Spurs job, but could still work for Spurs.

He also admitted to having an affair with an unnamed woman in the mid 1990s but this was dismissed as "f바카라사이트airy tale".

The only thing that is certain, in this instance, is that while it was against the law to have an affair during his first spell at Spurs he must now face the prospect of having a new relationship with a youjarvees.comng barrister, who will continue to run the family business after the court's verdict.

Leveson said it was time that the criminal investigation into the allegations by the victims of sexual harassment was complete because of the serious impact it was having on players' careers.

He said it was necessary to give him the benefit of hindsight and he was aware there were cases in which footballers had behaved inappropriately towards a player who had come forward.

In another ruling, the court also found former England captain Trevor Sinclair should not be allowed to become a director at the Footbal바카라l Football Association after a seven-year battle with a complaint.

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